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Absences et Utopies-trailer
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Conception and direction:

Cari Gonzalez-Casanova



Ana Eulate

Music conception and interpretation:

Raphael Zweifel*


Costumes/body sculptures and scenography: Cari Gonzalez-Casanova


Dancers: Ana Eulate, Marie Jolly



2017 > Journées Française contre l’épilpesie

Le Pharo, Marseille

2018 > Adaptation, Royal Cabanon,

with the added participation of musician

Vincent Roussel (drums)

Absences et Utopies is a multidisciplinary project comprising body sculptures, dancers and a cellist.
Invited to create an original work on the theme of epilepsy for the 20th anniversary of the Journées Françaises contre l'épilpesie, Cari Gonzalez-Casanova proposed an exhibition of her body sculptures and a dance performance to activate them. All the elements of this project came about in response to the many interviews she had with people living with epilepsy. The body sculptures address the desires and fears expressed by them and the works and performance are divided into 4 themes that emerged from the interviews: Sleep, Isolation, Protection and Invisibility.


For the performance with the body sculptures, CGC worked with Spanish choreographer Ana Eulate to create a four-sequence dance piece around the four themes. Swiss cellist Rafael Zweifel was invited by CGC to write and play four original compositions to accompany the dance sequences. This performance was first presented in Marseilles in October 2017 to an audience of 400 neurologists and medical specialists working with epilepsy. The performance is being developed further to be presented to a larger audience in 2018.

This project was a commission from the LFCE (Ligue Française Contre L'Épilepsie/The French League Against Epilepsy). Music on video by Joe Martin.



French Translation coming soon...

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